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3D effect magnetic  conductive pearlescent pigment
Substrate: Sythetic mica
Particle size: 10-60μm, 10-100μm
Lustre effect: 3D special visual effect
Color: Various
Coatings: metal oxide
Features: Non-toxic, water & solvent resistant.
Application: Nail polish, coating, leather..
Approved by: FDA
Certificates: TDS, MSDS, COA

JOY 3D Magenetic pearlescent pigment

Suitable for application in nail polish, leather and paints etc..

Magnetic conductive Pearl Pigment is also called 3D flash/effect  pigments,which is based on natural or synthetic mica , except coated by regular metal oxide , but also coated by some special metal oxide, to make 3D series a very special character than normal pearls, not only have fresh colors, flowing texture, strong metal sense, but also giving a strong visual effect, making your products with a vivid 3D effect and excellent layered look.

How to use 3D effect pigment?

1 Mix 3D Effect Pigment Powder with resin (3%-8%)

2 Spray or print the liquid powder on decorative surface

3 In the coating is not dry, with a certain shape of the magnetic mold modeling a few minutes until the resin semi-dry, the pigment does not move

4. Dry the coating

Application Shape:


Specialized in Pearlescent pigment and Glitter flakes.