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Address:No.955 Tiancheng East Rd., ETDZ, Hangzhou city 310018, Zhejiang, China
Tel:+86-571-8661 9653
MB:+86 15158322490

     Hangzhou Joy Technology Co., Ltd., has been in the field of Pearlescent Pigment and glitter flakes for more than 10 years. Our special effect pigment has been globally  used in cosmetic,coating, plastic, ink, leather, paper-making and etc. with a sales volume extending 500mt per year.

     At present, our products range as follow:

Ø Pearlescent pigment

1. Silver white series

2. Interference series

3. Golden lustre series

4. Iron oxide Metallic lustre series

5. Recolored series

6. Crystal glitter effect series

7. Diamond glitter effect series

8. Color change chameleon series

9. High chroma series

10. Magnetic Conductive Pearl Pigments

Ø Glitter flakes

All pigment for cosmetic application, is conforming to FDA and EU standards.

We will keep providing with special and right products at competitive price, flexible and innovate solution, to address various customers needs and wants.

     JOY, provides your products added value!

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Specialized in Pearlescent pigment and Glitter flakes.